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Our Mexican Vacation Was Peaceful

My husband and I have not had to worry about money in a very long time. We won a decent lottery when we were first married, then we invested wisely and really hit the jackpot on the stock market. We started our own foundation to help others, and we live a relatively modest lifestyle. One thing that we do every year though is take our family on vacation with us. I looked at luxury vacation homes in Cabo for our trip this year, and was happy to find a five bedroom luxury home right on the edge of the ocean there.

We do not live an extravagant lifestyle at all, even though we have the means to do it. This is the one luxury we allow ourselves, and we mainly do it so our entire family can join us on it. That includes my husband’s brother, my sister and her husband, their two kids, and my father. The five bedroom house that I found is perfect for the eight of us. We live a pretty hectic life running our foundation, which is the reason why we want peace and quiet when we go on vacation.

We seek out places that will allow us that, and the Seaside La Casita in Los Cabos delivered 100 percent. We did go into town a couple of times to enjoy a nice local meal, plus some of us went shopping while the guys went to play golf. For the most part though, we just enjoyed each other’s company at the luxury rental home. There was plenty of space so no one felt crowded, even though we did spend the majority of the time on the patio and in the pool. It was such a nice and relaxing time that we may decide to do this particular vacation twice in a row!