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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Paragliding on Holiday Tour

Many may wonder why paragliding is chosen while on holiday. The reason is that paragliding is not only a fun sport but an excellent way to explore the vast nature of the holiday spot. While many people plan their trip in order to paraglide, many others do not hesitate to take up the sport if available at their destination. Following are a few good reasons to take up paragliding holidays tour in Tenerife:

  • Holiday is a time when the monotonous lifestyle is left behind and the person is ready to have the experience of a lifetime. What better than choosing to do an exciting sport?
  • Many people wish of flying and paragliding gives them the wing to do so. It is the perfect way to let go off any inhibitions and take a plunge into the wild vicinity.
  • Paragliding is a perfect way to explore a place. While paragliding you can traverse the area and get a good view of the nature around you.
  • For adventure lovers, paragliding is the perfect way to have a new adventurous experience. It is not only thrilling but also a dream come true for many.
  • Paragliding is safe can be done by children and adults under supervision of professional trainers. All that you need to do is understand the basic and the principals of flying a paraglide.
  • It is one of the cheapest and safest forms of aviation and the equipment and gear does not cost much either.
  • It can go on for hours. This means you can explore a whole country paragliding. While many places have tour guides who assist with paragliding to specific places, many of them can help your explore more than just the area where are.
  • Tenerife has some of the most beautiful views that are perfect for exploration while paragliding.
  • This tour can be done from various heights as per your choice.

Cycling Tour in Cape Town

1. The Cape Peninsula (Distance- up to 110km):

One of the easiest and most popular cycling routes in Cape Town that offers every rider the most rewarding views. If you are visiting Cape Town to enjoy a cycling tour, then do not forget to explore the Cape Peninsula.

2. Cape Point National Park (Distance- up to 60 km):

On Cape Town’s cycling route, you will get an opportunity to observe eland, puff-adders, bontebok and more (while riding along the undulating tarmac roads towards Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope, which is the south westerly point of Africa). You can cycle back along the tarmac roads of this route and enjoy the side roads or enjoy exploring the rest of the Cape Peninsula.

3. Camps Bay to Hout Bay (Distance- 22km):

This cycling route starts from the beachfront in Camp’s Bay that offers stunning views of Camps Bay, Clifton and Lion’s Head and the Atlantic Seaboard as well as all the way to Suikerbossie and down to Hout Bay Village. Then there is Chapman’s Peak Drive if you’re feeling energetic for another 20km to Noordhoek and return.

4. The Robertson Cycle Challenge (Distance-95 km):

This cycling route is famous for the annual Robertson Cycle Challenge, which starts at Robertson and follows the tar road. This route includes a long gradual incline past the Breede River Bridge. On this route, riders will get a chance to cycle through the beautiful wine farms that are surrounded by mountains, pass through the Bonnievale Cellars and return via hill climbs.

5. Meerendal (Distance- 10 km):

While cycling on this route, you will get a chance to follow the green trails around the lower end of the farm that will take in the stunning vineyards, picturesque dam and old farmhouses. You can take the single track across the contours of the hill from one side of the farm to the other or can simply traverse the hillside, around a blue gum forest, above the vines and then come back via the dam.

Hotels in Italy Offer Best Packages

The budget hotels provide excellent opportunities for people of average income group to enjoy the wonders of Italy. Moreover, they are well equipped with all the essential facilities that fulfill the basic needs of the tourists thereby ensuring complete satisfaction to guests. Besides that, they offer many discount and attractive packages that suits the budgets of the tourists with delicious dining options.

Super Luxurious star hotels in Italy cover world class facilities enriched with sophisticated luxury and unimaginable comforts. Located at strategic locations in different parts of the cities, they can be accessed easily from many important destinations and tourist spots of the country. Some of them look like palaces that depict roman architecture and some exhibit ultra modern architecture and some stand as a mixture of ancient and modern art.

Most of them are situated amidst beautiful gardens ornamented with different varieties of plants filled with attractive flowers and articles that resemble ancient and modern Italian art. Each and every place of hotel is carefully crafted and aesthetically decorated to provide immense pleasure to the guests.

The rooms are highly spacious and are categorized into different types according to the facilities and services are given with different names. A wonderful hospitality and valuable services contributed by the trained staffs enable the visitors to make their trip a memorable experience.

Wonderful dining options are offered by international chefs who serve different cuisine like classic Italian, Middle East, American, continental, etc, along with super luxury bars that serve many international brands of alcohols. Italian cuisine is a famous worldwide and the hotels provide a wide variety of traditional and modern Italian recipes like risotto, pasta and pizzas along with other items.

Info of Budget Traveling

Cheap tickets: Budget traveling starts with cheap tickets! Airlines tickets to any destination are just the tool that allows you to cross from one land to the other. It’s a matter of hours. Hence, budget travelers find it a smart decision of select cheap flights to Miami, Melbourne, Manila, Egypt, Sweden or any other destination and save a huge chunk that they can use for other important travel purposes.

Budget accommodations: Hotels and resorts take up a meteor chunk on your cash. The lifestyle pleasures of a swank and posh hotel or boutique resort is indeed attractive. However, globe trotters resonate deeply with the objective and joy of exploring a city, country or town. Therefore, they are happy to stay in a budget accommodation such as an apartment, hostel or travelers inns. This allows the scope to save on money and extend a day or two or more in their travel itinerary and explore their choicest destination extensively.

Eating cheap but eating healthy: Globe trotters count on their fitness! So when it comes to food, though they scout out cheap options, but ensure that there is no compromise on the “healthy” quotient. So they don’t eat in a five star, lavish restaurant and opt in for the local eateries or average priced local food stalls. Indulgence in street is there only to get a taste of the regional flavors. However, globe trotters do treat themselves to any popular restaurant once or twice during their vacation than eating costly every day.

Affordable shopping: For gifts and local souvenirs globe trotters opt in for the discounted stalls, affordable stores and curios.

Following these simple and easy steps will make it simple and easy for you to plan a budget tour to any of your choicest destinations.